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25,558 reasons to list on

At last count, that's the number of visitors to in a 12 month period. Visits are growing every month though, so by the time you're reading this, it's probably out of date (ask us for the latest number)

Because it's all about the Wellsford area and Google reckons it's a top source for information about Wellsford, Te Arai, Tapora, Pakiri, Whangaripo Valley, Port Albert, Te Hana and everywhere in between, pops up top of the list for Google searches about all things related to Wellsford.

That's not an accident.  It took months of hard work, applying everything this local digital marketing consulting firm has spent the last 15 years learning, to get to this point.

We spent the first 18 months learning to be the most useful local website Wellsford could possibly have

From the get-go, the site looked good and was packed with information that made visitors want to stop and locals want to shop local. Trouble is, that's only a small part of the equation. To be truly useful, a local website has to get seen by lots and lots and lots of people.

Without thousands of eyeballs, you can admire your swish listing until the cows come home and get no return whatsoever. Now, we offer thousands of eyeballs and a swish looking listing, for a ridiculously tiny price per year.

Why? Because this is our area. It's easy to drive through without stopping, local businesses can sometimes be overlooked and we don't like that happening. Most of all though, this is what we do. A marketing consultancy lives and breathes promotion and our mission is to bring more people into Wellsford, for the benefit of every local business.

Because we know how to build and promote websites and we've already built to achieve thousands of visits, listings cost next to nothing. Seriously, they start at $29 per year including GST.



The basics - business name, address, contact details and website address in up to 5 categories. This option will get you seen but won't let you tell the story that will make you really stand out.




All the basics PLUS add an introductory image to your listing (gets double the clicks), get listed higher in your category/ies and flesh out your listing with images, video and description. Performer gives you lots of options. Your images will give you a boost and you'll be among the first options presented in your categories, plus we'll push you in our social media efforts. 




All the features of the Starter and Performer packages plus get featured on the homepage, listed at the top of your category/ies and within your area in our hotly visited ‘explore’ section. If you're keen to get seen, this is the one you want.



   All prices include GST.


If you need any assistance submitting your listing or have any questions, please get in touch and we'll be happy to do it for you.