Visit Wellsford, NZ

The town of Wellsford sits at the intersection of State Highways 1 and 16 and it's the northern-most town in the Auckland region. Wellsford’s a gateway, with Kaipara Harbour to its west, Mangawhai, Te Arai and Pakiri beaches to the east and it’s squarely between Auckland to the south and Whangarei in the north.

Like many gateways, it’s tempting to drive straight through but there's a lot more to Wellsford than you might imagine. So, come on in and let us show you around as you #visitwellsford.

Things to do

Things to do in Wellsford

From a round of golf to surfing, stretching your legs on one of the local walking tracks or browsing the local museum, there’s something to keep everyone entertained.

Places to eat

Good things to eat in Wellsford, NZ

For a small town, Wellsford has an outstanding variety of places to eat. Whether you want a sit down meal or to grab something on the go, there's plenty of good food to choose from.

Stay the night

Places to stay in Wellsford, NZ

There's a couple of comfy motels on the main road and plenty more options a little further out. Don't be afraid to get off the beaten track because the scenery and experience will be more than worth it.

Tune in ♫

When you're in town, tune in to Wellsford's local radio station Red Eye Radio. You’ll find it on 88.1FM and we think you'll love it.

What's on

Locals' tips

Atiu Creek Regional Park
Lovely scenery and excellent walking tracks in Tapora
Minniesdale Chapel
A pioneer itself, this chapel travelled from the UK in 1867 with the original Albertlanders
Port Albert General Store
It's just a store but it has the best fish and chips around!
Albertland Museum
Explore our past, right in the centre of Wellsford
Tomarata Lake
An idyllic spot for swimming, water sports and walking
Tapora's Sand Island
It's off the beaten track but worth the drive
Te Arai Point
It's easy to miss but it's the most beautiful beach in the area


Other areas in the greater Wellsford region are all accessible from the town itself so don't miss them. If you usually just zoom through (or on holiday weekends, crawl) make this trip the one you take the road less travelled and see what else this beautiful area has to offer.