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Welcome to the neighbourhood

Wellsford Country Estate

As buying property in Auckland gets steadily more expensive, it makes perfect sense to look to areas that aren't too far from Auckland but let your budget stretch much further.

With this in mind, Wellsford Country Estate is being developed on 27 hectares of gently rolling land to offer a lifestyle that combines the best of town and country, while being just an hour north of Auckland. And, house and land packages start at $576,000.

The subdivision sits just off State Highway 1, accessed off Tomas Street and Totara View and will be developed to provide affordable home and land packages. It will also include a large reserve. 

Wellsford Country Estate has teamed up with Golden Homes to offer a variety of new home options on roomy sections (the smallest is 600m2) and stage one has 34 sections available.

The site layout and house plans are available to view on the Wellsford Country Estate website so if you're considering a house and land purchase, this one could be an excellent investment!