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Certificate in Small Business Management

14 March 2017
  72 School Road, Wellsford , Auckland 72 School Road, Wellsford , Auckland

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 Bill 021 904 977

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Course Programme:

Compulsory evening classes available from 6pm to 9pm, one night per week for 36 weeks

Each module is designed to deliver a component of a strategic plan for the business idea you bring to the course.  A sample of the course material from 1 of the 6 module study books is included. Each book contains around 200 pages of information that needs to be studied.  All course material study books, DVDs hand-outs and stationery are provided. There are 13 assignments due over the 36 weeks, which, in many cases require paragraph answers. CSBM is a University level programme with certification achieved by completing all 13 assignments and will require some personal home study time each week.

Who should enrol:

  • Candidates who are thinking of starting up a business and have a firm business idea.
  • Candidates who already have an existing small business they wish to develop and improve.

Cost:  NO FEE! (NZQA Level 4) funded to all NZ Residents


  • Up-to-date business skills and knowledge gained about your business
  • A written practical operating plan for your current business or business idea.
  • Greater knowledge and confidence in making day-to-day business decisions.
  • Greater productivity and efficiency in your current or intended operation.

To enrol, complete the form enclosing a photocopy ID of your Passport photopage or New Zealand Birth certificate and NZ Drivers Licence. 

For more information contact/Txt Bill 021 904 977

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14 March 2017 14 March 2017 Certificate in Small Business Management