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Certificate in Applied Business Growth

5 April 2017
  72 School Road, Wellsford , Auckland 72 School Road, Wellsford , Auckland

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 Bill 021 904 977

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Tutorials: One night (3 hours) per week for 24 weeks at the  Hauora Trust  training rooms, with additional study in the student’s own time.

CABG Course Overview 

CABG is a business mentoring programme that has been developed for small business owners who want to take strategic action to grow and expand their business. This involves analysing the current position so as to identify problems, issues, challenges, and opportunities for business development and implementing strategies for positive change.

Who should enrol: Graduates of CSBM level 4 or equivalent, or possess a suitable business plan that is available for review by the business mentor, and  already be operating a business

Eligibility: This course is open to all New Zealanders or Overseas passport holders  who hold NZ permanent residency visa qualifications. 

Course Acceptance: Candidates must demonstrate that they have a sound knowledge of their business, what they want to achieve from it, understand the industry in which it operates and be both ready and committed to implement growth and/or development plans for the future success of the business.

To enrol, you will need to complete the enrolment form including a photocopy ID of your passport (and any visa qualifications),NZ Birth Certificate, or Student ID if you are a previous TWoA student.

For more information contact/Txt on Bill 021 904 977

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5 April 2017 5 April 2017 Certificate in Applied Business Growth